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Jean-Michel Jefferson (New Zealand)
Company:  Ahipara (New Zealand)
Luxury Travel Adventures in New Zealand

The Luxury Travel Bible can testify to the fact that when you meet Jean-Michel his enthusiasm for New Zealand is infectious and his knowledge impressive. Plus he is a great story-teller. Jean-Michel specializes in taking travellers deep under the surface of New Zealand.  Not satisfied with off the shelf experiences and a firm believer in the importance of time spent with the right people, Jean-Michel has spent much of the last eleven years finding and persuading those people who make New Zealand special to spend time with his clients.  These include the first lady to climb Everest with no oxygen, our pre-eminent pinot noir wine maker, a rally driving legend, a superb landscape artist,  a passionate Maori chief, a spiritual Maori carver and so on.  Putting a balanced itinerary together combining these living legends with the right amount of travel, flawless logistics, and the gentle touch of a sensitive and informed guide is his 'thing'.

My most luxurious and adventurous trip:
There have been lots.  I really like the current one I'm on, which includes a 5-day Land Rover safari across the South Island, jetboats in the wilderness, Maori warriors in the mountains, fly fishing, diving an active volcano, wilderness rafting, and lots of helicoptering while staying at a mix of top lodges, wilderness lodges and exotic basic camps.
My favourite place in the world:
Stopping the jetboat on the banks of a South Island river and doing a little hunting/fishing/gathering before preparing and cooking whatever we collect.  Washed down with a refreshing New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc.

Luxury Travel Adventures in New Zealand

Posted 29/6/13
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