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Kristjan Edwards (Nepal)
Luxury Travel Adventures in Nepal
My most luxurious and adventurous trip:
My most adventurous and luxurious trip ever was the start of the Ghenghis Khan polo club in Mongolia. I was in charge of getting 20 horses and 1 ton worth of equipment to the grasslands of Mongolia from Nepal in 1998. The idea was to get 1000kg worth of saddles and sticks 360km west of the capital Ulan Bator.  I bordered a flight from Kathmandu to Beijing and then onto the capital Ulan Bator - followed by a 350km drive to Karakorum. Soon after arrival the first chukka was played and the Genghis Khan Polo Club was born. The rules, regulations and factors to the tournament were heavily influenced by the annual World Elephant Polo Championship held at Tiger Tops Jungle Lodge - a competition I have been involved with since 1984.
My favourite place in the world:
Tiger Tops tented camp on the banks of the Karnali river.

Luxury Travel Adventures in Nepal

Posted 29/6/13
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