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Drew Kluska (Australia)                                      
Company: The Tailor (Australia)
Luxury Travel Adventure guide to Australia

We think his company name, The Tailor, perfectly sums up the bespoke service Drew Kluska offers. The Luxury Travel Bible knows Drew's work well. He specializes in guiding in the Outback and regional areas of Australia - he has a love of both the Outback and the Ocean and is at home both on a million acre cattle station or exploring the remote coastlines of Australia. Drew's passion is getting off the beaten path in this vast country, exploring the rarely visited gems of Australia from the rugged Kimberley Coast, remote Arnhemland to the deserts of Central Australia or even a tropical island on the tip of the Great Barrier Reef. He has a particular interest in wildlife, pristine environments, Aboriginal history and coastal environments and will make sure his guests visit destinations infrequently explored but definitely worth experiencing. This is the ultimate in Adventure with a soft landing.

My most luxurious and adventurous trip:
The most adventurous and luxurious trip I have guided was for a visiting dignitary (I can't say who it was but suffice to say - a real VIP!). The tailored program included staying at the finest establishments in Australia from Longitude 131 in the shadow of Uluru to Australia's Galapagos Kangaroo Island and Southern Ocean Lodge.  Customised experiences included diving the Great Barrier Reef with superb dive masters, cage diving with Great White Sharks on the remote Neptune Islands in Southern Australia to private viewings of Uluru atop a remote sand dune whilst enjoying a 5 star meal with silver service. Trips of this nature take extraordinary planning and attention to detail to ensure all experiences are truly outstanding. However equally one has to offer the flexibility to the client to allow them to change their plans at  a moment's notice. This means that there has to be option A, B & C up your sleeve daily so that you can change plans on the fly without skipping a beat. To me this is what sets the guides of The Shackleton & Selous Society apart - the ability to function in the wilds of the planet and still deliver a truly incredible experience with a can do attitude and a minimum of fuss.
Luxury Travel Adventure guide to Australia

My favourite place in the world:
Without doubt my favourite place in Australia is the wild and untouched Top End of Australia. To me there is nothing better than landing by helicopter atop an ancient sandstone escarpment on Bullo River Station and taking in the vastness of the Outback. The view is stunning with huge tidal rivers, vast floodplains, freshwater billabongs, majestic baobabs and a plethora of wildlife. This far flung region is often described as untamed and outback at its quintessential best - which is apt for this beautiful and isolated part of Australia where time seems to have stood still.

Posted 1/7/13
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