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Adam Hedges (Botswana)
Company: Royal African Safaris (Pan Africa)
Luxury Travel Adventures in Africa

Born and raised in Kenya, Adam's childhood was filled with the outdoors, camping and discovery. Adam moved to Botswana in the early 1980s to pursue his ambition to run his own safari company. He has spent the last thirty years seeking new adventure and often taking guests along with him on that quest.  Flying his single engine Cessna from California to Botswana, riding a BMW motorbike from Cape Town to Cairo, or hitch hiking in the opposite direction, he is always ready to explore something new. He has guided safaris in Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Namibia and South Africa and has explored a further nine countries on the African continent, but his favorite quintessential safari destination remains Botswana where he believes 'Private Canvas' is the best way to truly experience African wilderness and wildlife.

My most luxurious and adventurous trip:
Every safari is different. Every day is different, so it is impossible to single one trip out from a career spanning 30 years in the bush. However for me, adventure is synonymous with a great diversity of destinations and activities, and luxury is a hot shower and a cold beer at the end of a day!  A multi-country Southern African flying safari that includes tracking animals on foot, canoeing through hippo ruled waters, riding a horse through the Okavango, watching the sun set and a full moon rise over the Skeleton coast, and convivial company around a camp fire in the evening.
My favourite place in the world:
Flying my Cessna over the Okavango at dawn.

Luxury Travel Adventures in Africa

Posted 1/7/13
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