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LUXURY VILLA: Villa Ilhabela, Brazil
BRAZILIAN architect Marcio Kogan probably designs the most amazing houses in Brazil. So the ultimate exclusive stay would probably be in a luxury villa designed by him and believe us when we say Kogan is commissioned by Brazil's ultra-rich, so houses created by him rarely come up for holiday rental.  Nevertheless we've found one - south of Sao Paulo on the densely forested island of Ilha Bela (the name is Portuguese means 'beautiful island' ). The sole access to the island of Ilha Bela is by boat., no wonder it is a haven for the exclusive summer homes of the Sao Paulo elite.

villa ilhabela brazil
villa ilhabela brazil
villa ilhabela pool
villa ilhabela bathroom
villa ilhabela living room
villa ilhabela
villa ilhabela in the luxury travel bible

The villa is in the best location in Ilha Bela, with exclusive access to Praia da Feiticeira along the beach. This is a zen sanctuary of simple style and natural finishes with a giant Buddha statue recessed into a wall in the garden. The house is hidden in the clearing of tropical forest and the owners, who visit on weekends, wanted to create a place of mediation and contemplation with close links to nature. The house has clean lines which don't distract from the stunning views and the use of wood and stone gives the whole building an organic feel, despite its angular lines. The top floor, which seems to hover over the living area and terrace below, is enclosed by bamboo panels that open to a view of the ocean.  Open stone steps to the top floor seem to float out of the wall. There are five bedrooms, a home theatre and vast living spaces. Outside the infinity pool gives way to green gardens. How much will this set you back for week's stay? Quite a lot we suspect; the agency merely says 'price on application' and we all know what that means.  Worth every Brazilian Real.
Hilary Doling 13/6/14
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