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LUXURY RESORTS: Shangri-La's Rasa Sentosa Resort, SINGAPORE

Style: Relaxed resort design

Scene: A City island

Seen in the lobby: Five star families, city escapees
Other beach bars have cocktails but at Shangri-La's Rasa Sentosa Resort the Siloso Beach Bar also has an ice-cream bar, just one reason why this resort should be top of every luxury-loving kid's 'Must Stay' list.

There are many other reasons too, so listen up children. How about the fact that Trapizzas beachside Italian eatery serves up some of the best thin crust pizza on the planet and that the 8 Noodles Chinese noodle house has endless varieties of wiggly noodles?

outdoor jacuzzi
outdoor jacuzzi
toots club member with toots and guest relations officer
panorama suite bedroom
deluxe sea view suite living room
silver shell cafe children buffet

Oh, and did we mention that this is the only beachfront resort in Singapore with acres of gardens and vast pools; including a kid's pool with slides and a vast shade so you won't get burnt. The water is especially treated too, so even though it is ultra-clean it has less chlorine and is gentle to young skin and hair, minimises mini-guests' risks of allergic reaction and eliminates eye irritation.

Then there's the splash and play area, a range of free water sports, a rock climbing wall and an actual flying trapeze on the beach.

Some of the biggest brownie points of all should be given to the Cool Zone, the largest kid club of any hotel in Singapore. And when I say large, I mean large; two storeys and 100 square metres with a massive a large slide that winds from level three of the resort down into a down into a pool of colourful balls on level one.

However your parents needn't worry they haven't been forgotten. After a ten month renovation the resort reopened in January 2011 with fresh stylish guestrooms and suites, as well as a sophisticated new spa. Guest rooms have a cucumber cool feel. Think tropical with a cooling breeze and you have the vibe. The renovation has been particularly successful in the main open plan Dine On 3 restaurant area with different 'stations for different dining experiences. Dine On 3, a destination-dining concept that features three restaurant experiences and 'live' chef action. Although even here they've cleverly thought about the kids and Silver Shell Cafe has a special low buffet area with colourful beakers and fun food dispensers for little gourmands.

Following the renovations there are less rooms with more space and guests with children can book into custom-designed family rooms rather than just having to choose interconnecting rooms.
... retreat to the Bubble Bar for a glass of champagne or the fine dining Barnacles restaurant on edge of the South China sea.
It is a large resort (454 rooms), which doesn't appeal to everyone but what this means is that the needs of a variety of different travellers can be met well. Despite its family appeal the grounds are so expansive that those wishing to escape the delighted shrieks of other peoples little darlings can easily do so by finding a secluded chair by the beach .They can also retreat to the Bubble Bar for a glass of champagne or the fine dining Barnacles restaurant on edge of the South China sea. When we ate here the seafood platter was piled so high it was almost impossible to see my dining companion over the top of the giant pink prawns and succulent crab.
The Sentosa Suite is the exclusive presidential suite, located on the top floor of the resort's east wing with a bird's eye view the Island. We also like the corner Panorama Suite with its spacious balconies. However, The Luxury Travel Bible's favourite suites are not the most expensive; the Deluxe Sea View Suites, each with its own private outdoor Jacuzzi and huge garden-in the style balconies are a delight. Perfect for couples looking for a little romance. We're also fond of the in the Panorama Room, which has shutters that push to give you an open-plan bathroom with views of the South China sea from you deep and inviting tub.

All this talk of interior design may have caused our younger readers' attention to wander. So let's finish on a kid-worthy note.

It is not just the resort itself but the whole of Sentosa Island that is family friendly. Why would your average luxe-loving kid want to holiday anywhere else? This island is made for them. Just outside the resort's main entrance is Underwater World with its rare pink dolphin show. A short island bus hop away is South East Asia's first Universal Studios Theme park. Then there is the Songs of the Sea light and water show, the Skyline Loge, Sentosa 4D Magix, and most spectacular of all, iFly Singapore, a new indoor skydiving attraction in which boys and girls (and braver parents) jump into a giant wind tunnel.

Getting around the island you go by bus or by monorail (there's nothing small children like more than an unusual modes of transport). If you want to go into the city you can go by cable car, suspended high above the harbour (more ticks from the small fry). Parents looking for their own brand of theme park might be interested to know that just 10 minutes away via the resort's shuttle bus is VivoCity, Singapore's largest retail and lifestyle mall.
Check in: Shangri-La's Rasa Sentosa Resort, Singapore101 Siloso Road, Sentosa, Singapore 098970
Ultimate Luxury: The Shangri-La Suite with its private elevator
Most Indulgent Moment: An outdoor massage in the Thai pavilion, set in a private garden perched over a fish pond and waterfall.
Insider Secrets: The Deluxe Sea View Suite, each with huge garden-in-the sky balconies and Jacuzzis are as tempting as the more expensive suites
The Little Things: Everyone is happy; staff, guests everyone. Actually that's a big thing.
Junior Luxies: The resort is a children's paradise. We love the Rasa frog motifs around the gardens & pools
Dress code: Shorts by day
Dent in the platinum:
Luxury Resorts Link: www.shangri-la.com
Hilary Doling 16/5/12
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