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Waldorf =Astoria and Towers, New York, USA

So famous it was designated as AN official New York City landmark IN 1993, this Art Deco property occupies an entire city block of prime, mid-town Manhattan real estate. The Waldorf=Astoria and Towers was the world's first skyscraper hotel when it was built in the 1930s and the list of 'firsts' goes on. It was the first hotel to star in a feature film - Ginger Rogers appeared in Weekend at the Waldorf - and the first to introduce room service. And we mustn't forget the fact that the Waldorf Salad was created here. The hotel also claims to be the first kitchen to have whipped up Eggs Benedict -  no wonder brunch at the Waldorf is an institution. As fame goes, the hotel's Presidential Suite is the only suite in the city that really deserves the name. Every President since 1931 has stayed here and State Department has first dibs on the rooms for visiting dignitaries no matter who else may be due to check in. Inside the suite you'll find a rocking chair donated by John F Kennedy and a whole flock of White house style eagles decorating furnishing donated by everyone from Ronald Reagan to Lyndon B. Johnson.

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The Cole Porter Suite where the lyricist resided for 25 years. His piano now graces the Cocktail Terrace
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Waldorf =Astoria and Towers, New York, USA
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