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A  rather different kind of Top Ten this week. With the d├ębut of airline boarding pass iPhone applications signalling the end of printed boarding passes the world is rapidly becoming more and more digitised. The iPhone may put the world at your fingertips, but with over 180,000 apps it can be a daunting task trawling through them to try and find what you want.
Posted 13/9/10
Top Ten Travel Apps
Top Ten Travel Apps
Forget that weighty guide book or worthy Blue Guide  (although TLTB is still rather fond of those) in the techo -race Travel Apps are the latest must-have accessory for all you jet-setting types.  The users of and have voted for their favourite travel iPhone applications, which aim to make travelling just that bit easier and we thought The Luxury Travel Bible readers would be interested too. Coming soon,  a set of our personal extra-luxie favourite Apps but for now try these..
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