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Viceroy, Miami, USA

Miami is a city that does pools well; it has the climate, and the attitude, for it. However in a city drowning in cool designer dips the pool at  Viceroy still makes an impact. Fifteen floors up it is a stripe of blue between high-rises. Surrounded by a two acre pool deck with sleek sun-loungers and decadent day beds interspersed between Japanese blueberry trees the pool itself is really a ribbon of three pools. There is a hot tub big enough for a serious party (you can get 80 of your closest friends in without too much uncomfortable underwater contact) a wading pool and a swimming pool as big as an all-American football field. You also get great views of downtown Miami and Biscayne Bay glimpses. The Luxury Travel Bible loves Viceroy's groovily glamorous rooms too. Treat yourself to a Den Residence.

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Viceroy, Miami, USA
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