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Urbino, Le Marche
If The Luxury Travel Bible could time travel, it wouldn't mind turning up in 15th century Urbino. Especially, if it could be coddled under the patronage of Duke Federico Ill da Montefeltro who housed some of Italy's great poets, painters and scholars inside one of Italy's most fairytale palaces - The Ducal. Dream on. It's not that hard to do here. Today, the dome and towers of Palazzo Ducale still dominate the town and its view when you're approaching from Arezzo. Art still reigns as it is home to the Galleria Nazionale delle Marche. Wander through one of the most important collections of Renaissance art and see paintings like Piero della Francesca's 'Flagellation of Christ' or 'La Muta' by Raphael who was born here and grew up at court. Walk up Via Raffaello from the main Piazza della Repubblica and you will find the house where he was born turned into a little museum. Speculation has it that a fresco of Madonna and Child in one of the rooms might have been one of Raphael's early works - we'll go with that. Climb to the summit to see a statue of Urbino's beloved son as well as some of the best views of the country surrounds.
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Peeking inside the Duke's Studiolo - tiny and exquisite it is decorated with trompe l'Oeil inlaid woodwork panels, some of which were based on designs by Botticelli. This Renaissance Man had taste.
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Urbino, Le Marche
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