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Trump International Hotel & Tower Chicago
For the famous tee-totaller and a man that never does things by halves the selection of H2O at Trump Hotel Chicago is something to talk about. What else would you expect from The Don?

The mini bar has a fully stocked range that includes the chic minimalist bottle of water originating from Cambria in the western highlands of Wales, Argentinian water from one of the most pure and preserved reserves of underground water on earth and Tasmanian rainwater that is collected by a custom-designed catchment facility has travelled via air currents over Antarctica & 10,000 miles of ocean. However the most Luxe of the selection is the bling H20 presented in a  hand - decorated bottle with genuine Swarovski crystals.

Special mention: TLTB  also loves the Trump Gold Bars at The Trump International Hotel and Tower Toronto, Canada. Of course Trump wouldnÂ’t just serve up regular chocolate bars - the gold bars are chocolate wrapped in gold foil, embossed with the word Trump. 

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A hotel minibar that reflects the philosophy of the man behind the brand.
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Trump International Hotel & Tower Chicago
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