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San Leo, Le Marche
It doesn't trouble The Luxury Travel Bible one superstitious little snitch that Dante based his description of purgatory on the site of the castle here. Nor, that a few centuries later it became a living hell for Count of Cagliostro who spent his last years here as a prisoner of the Papal States, before playing home to Saint Francis of Asissi. No, no, no, we find the way the fort castle inches its stone glory to the very edges of a sheer drop of rock quite heavenly. If not, achingly epic, both in its view down through the valleys and the implements of destruction - armour, weapons - that have been left behind for display. The township of San Leo crouches on the same rocky outcrop just below and has the kind of feel-good cobbled stone architecture that has seen it listed as 'most beautiful village'. Begin your wanderings in the Piazza Dante, step inside the Cathedral which has busts of Saint Leo and Saint Valentine then step back out again to take in the sky piercing dominance of the bell tower. A small journey south west of seaside Rimini, skip the summer crowds and come here in winter to appreciate the simple rustic cuisine of soups, sausages and sliced bread. While The Luxury Travel Bible doesn't shy away from the deadly sin of gluttony, it does reserve the right to decline, politely, a tasting of 'Balm of Cagliostro' - a digestive liquor named after the doomed Count.
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Palazzo Medici begun in the 16th century by Della Rovere and continued by the Medici family that today houses the Museum of Sacred Art.
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San Leo, Le Marche
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