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One By The Five, Fifth Arrondissement

Operating like a one suite hotel, One By The Five, is the concept child of The Five Hotel. It is as if the creative heads of Five, set in an 1800s townhouse, ran out of room to explore all their passions so they skipped across the quiet road in Paris' Latin Quarter to create 'One'. All that seems extreme in The Five has been raised to new flights of fantasy. There is a signature floating bed, only this time in One By The Five it is truly enormous - and the bedding is white satin. Wispy clouds in a blue sky are printed on the floor and the ceiling to take you higher. There are also the 'stars' - first seen in The Five - that shine in the dark. Only here, both the floor and ceiling are perforated with the tiny lights, creating a whole new universe. There is even music that has been exclusively composed for you to listen to. The ruby red velvet foyer is loudly suggestive, the warm-toned lounge smugly sleek and there is a second bedroom - but do you really want anyone else but you and your partner in there. Depends on which way you sway.

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Well, yes, in the bedroom there is that flat screen hooked up with a web cam.
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One By The Five, Fifth Arrondissement
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