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Murano Resort, Republique

It is rather hard not to have heard about all the whizzbangery that accompanies Murano Resort.  And we're not just talking about the technology. There is of course the high tech fingerprint access to your room and the simple pleasure of roaming keyless. There is the option of choosing a single shade of mood-light for your room - peach, blue, green...they go on - or choosing to have them all on rotation. And it was one of the first to offer free Wi-Fi. However, it's what happens at night in its DJ-led bar that keeps Murano up there a few years on. We also note that Murano is still the only boutique hotel in Paris to offer plunge pools. Along with the hammam, Jacuzzi, heated indoor pool, gym and spa, Murano can almost be forgiven for billing itself as an 'Urban Resort'.

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The Vadim meets Kubrik retro-futurism of the foyer and the loooooong fireplace in the White Room.
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Murano Resort, Republique
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