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Kube, Eighteenth Arrondissement

Perhaps it was the shape of the think-tank the Murano Urban Resort crew worked hard inside to come up with a new kind of cool. Whatever, Kube delivers it's ice cool quite figuratively, beginning with Paris' first ice bar. From there, it spins out into a play on Eskimo style with faux fur chairs and curtains and bedside tables in the shapes of cubes. There are 41 rooms and suites with beds that float on fluorescent-lit blocks in a remarkably neutral zone. There are also walls of Deco-style glass cubes that separate off bathrooms. The Luxury Travel Bible wouldn't dare to question Kube's cool except for an aversion to this particular glass folly that was terribly fashionable in the 80s. Oh, has it come back? Never mind, there are Murano's digital keys to play with (that will be your fingertips) and other technical wizardry to keep you amused.

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Slipping from Grey Goose cocktails in the ice bar to a screening room to the lounge bar where lights drip like sci-fi icicles and a DJ spins from Wednesday to Sunday – very cool.
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Kube, Eighteenth Arrondissement
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