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Koibito Love Boxes, The Oriental, Brighton
Sex Kits in mini bars seem to be omnipresent these days. But here at The Luxury Travel Bible we are a classy lot, so our favourite in-room intimacy kit has to be the Koibito Love Boxes.
Established in 2009 by Thea Wright, who sought to capture the enigmatic pull of Japanese love philosophy. Koibito stands for 'lover: the desire was to translate the art of making a special time and place for another'.  Organic, high-end British made products, make up a range of different kits including the 'Take me Now' and the 'Bare Essentials'.
The boxes are becoming available at a number of luxury UK and Ibiza hotels, but due to the city’s long history for the 'dirty weekend' we love that this mini-bar sex kit is available at Brighton boutique hotel, The Oriental.

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Koibito Love Boxes, The Oriental, Brighton
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