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Jade Mountain, Saint Lucia
At Saint Lucia, the Pitons emerge spectacularly as skinny green peaks from the Caribbean waters. Inspired, Russian-Canadian architect Nick Troubetzkoy had a vision that to combine earth, air and water with this ethereal view was to "unlock potential for a profound and magical level of enjoyment and celebration." In creating his Jade Mountain resort he might have done just that. Much opportunity for open-air viewing has been given. Enclosed hotel corridors are replaced by suspended sky bridges that take off like stiff octopus tentacles from the main body of the resort. They lead to 24 suites with individually-designed ensuite infinity pools that are considered essential design elements of the architecture. Bathrooms are also left open-air to the view. Set lower in the mountain, there are also five Jacuzzi suites to soak up the view. You can choose to visit Jade Mountain's Kai on Ciel spa, but why bother to leave the view when the spa offerings will come to your suite.

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Jade Mountain is St. Lucia's only resort property with the iconic view of both the Piti and Gros Piton mountains floating upon the Caribbean Sea.
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Jade Mountain, Saint Lucia
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