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Hotel du Petit Moulin, Paris, France

Like his fashion, Christian Lacroix leaves no detail alone in this 17 room hotel. Each has been created with a unique atmosphere that Lacroix states is meant to take you on a journey through the many faces of the Marais, which still reigns uber-cool in Paris. You can wend your way through the maze-like corridors and along the way you are treated to a room with a showgirl mural that looks like a love letter to the Moulin Rouge and another with a Zen-inspired den. A Baroque style explosion of red, jewels and plumes is vintage Lacroix. Lacroix never strays too far from Sacred Heart imagery which turns up on walls in hand drawings or in the shape of Venetian glass mirrors.

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Only Lacroix can pull off clashing a bright red Jacobsen chair against a black and white Toile wallpaper. It is to be applauded.
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Hotel du Petit Moulin, Paris, France
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