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Hotel deLuxe, Portland, Oregon. USA
So often a purchase from the mini-bar is an impulse buy (and let's face it, a pick of what is the least over-priced!). The Luxury Travel Bible loves the thought that has been put into Hotel deLuxe, Portland's expertly paired honour mini-bar menu.
The menu, packed with authentic tasting notes is a fun guide for guests to enjoy classic cocktails, beer and wine with snacks that complement each other. In a world where most criticism of mini-bars is their extortionate prices, luxury travellers will welcome the fact that when choosing items in the pairs suggested, they will save, on average, more than 10%.
TLTB particularly loves the combination of a glass of rich Pinot Noir with gourmet Beef Jerky as 'the saltiness and secret spice bring [the wine's] cherry notes to the forefront' and a sparkling wine with pomegranate-white tea gummy bears because 'pomegranate flavours complement and enhance the rich citrus fruit of the wine'.

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Hotel deLuxe, Portland, Oregon. USA
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