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Hotel Particulier, Montmartre

Inside a large sober white stone house between Avenue Junot and Rue Lepic, the interiors have been transformed into five suites that let you see inside the imaginations of artists from around world. Not one even remotely resembles the other, so it's very much a pick the one that matches the mood you want to create for your stay. Styles range from the 'Poems and Hats' room - a well-tailored black and white décor by fashion curator Olivier Saillard who uses bowlers, Magritte-style, as lampshades and separates lounge and bed with a casement-glass wrapped bathroom; to 'Vegetal' by Martine Aballea - the walls and ceilings are printed with a lushly pretty forest garden. There is a Petanque court and a massage room, but no restaurant - only simple room service until midnight. More like staying in someone's grand home there is a private dining room and chef that can be booked ahead.

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Grabbing one of the beautiful design books and heading out into the exquisite garden designed by Louis Benech who also recently designed the Elysee gardens and Tuileries. A special spot of calm to be found in this noisy suburb of cool.
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Hotel Particulier, Montmartre
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