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Emirates A380 First Class Private Suite
As airlines have got bigger, grander and more luxurious it isn't surprising that the luxury hotel staple of a mini bar has made it up into the skies.
Aboard the amazing Emirates A380, the First Class Private Suites all feature a mini bar to keep passengers content when they aren't at the on-board bar or dining on an award winning in-flight menu.
While the contents are (dare we say it) rather boring, itÂ’s still exciting to access a personal mini-bar at 35,000 feet. TLTB can only hope this is the start of things to come for the airline industry - surely the mile-high-club is screaming out for an in-flight sex kit?

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Continuing the privacy of your suite as there is no need to call a flight attendant for refreshment
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Emirates A380 First Class Private Suite
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