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Deogarh Mahal Deogarh

So authentically royal, a part of the Mahal is still occupied by family of the present owner Rawat Nahar Singh, treating guests to Mewari (local) hospitality. Much of its beauty is owed to the famous school of Deogarh painting, but the opulence of the palace has been restrained by the history of its rulers who spent most of their time in battle. Instead, rooms are quietly glamorous with enough attentive detailing to satisfy any yearnings for Raj-style richness. Ceilings and walls are delicately covered in hand-painted decoration while the 50 rooms and suites are individually filled with traditional touches such as canopies that float atop oversized beds and floor lamp size candelabras that add lighting.

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The OTT glamour of the Ranjit Prakash Suite - Room 201
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Deogarh Mahal Deogarh
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