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Casa Camper, Barcelona

While not at the haute couture end of fashion hotels, this little hotel is an  affordable choice for lovers of labels. Ok the name Camper is in lights here but we couldn‘t resist how the design company has bought their slightly Noddy style to this boutique hotel in the heart of Barcelona. The paring with a stripped down Shaker style and bright red feature colour matches the contemporary cool of their shoes. The Luxury Travel Bible followers should note this is more Le Corbusier's cabin than lavish luxury, Casa Camper is best suited to those who admire functional simplicity. Don't even think about the rooms offering a lounge room on the other side of a hotel corridor as these are not for luxe lovers. The large suites incorporating a lounge and bathroom with a courtyard may just fit the bill when you don’t want a truly lavish night’s sleep. Please note the self-serve dining (so not nous) although this is off-set with free 24 hours hot and cold snacks.

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Casa Camper, Barcelona
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