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Cape Grace, Capetown South Africa

Starring Role: Blood Diamond

Think Leonardo DiCaprio and Blood Diamond. This South African landmark hotel featured in the award-winning film. Located on Cape Town's vibrant Victoria and Alfred Waterfront, the Cape Grace is one of the top hotels in town, and as such has had the pleasure of hosting numerous international celebrities. For the acclaimed Blood Diamond, which also starred Jennifer Connelly, the hotel  hosted several key actors from the movie (discretion prevents them from revealing which ones). Its distinctive pale pink façade can also be seen in the on the big screen. In one of the climactic final scenes of the film, DiCaprio's  wounded character calls Connelly's character Maddy  while she is enjoying coffee with friends along the V&A Waterfront. As the shots cut back and forth between the mortally wounded Danny and the worried Maddy, the Cape Grace can be seen behind Maddy for the duration of the scene.

Cape Grace, Capetown  South Africa
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