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Burj Al Arab, Dubai, UAE

The beauteous Burj came storming into the public consciousness a few years back and its 1023 feet (321 metres) high, sail-like structure has become as well recognised at the Sydney Opera House. Modelled on the wind-blown sail of an Arab Dhow with a very high tech twist the Burj Al Arab stands for all that is over the top and Excessive in the Emirates; from its gold leaf to its jewel-coloured walls and its cloud-cuddling helipad. The Royal Suite is the pinnacle of excess it has a private elevator and cinema, a gold staircase, leopard print carpets (love it), Carrarra marble flooring and a rotating four-poster canopy bed. And if that doesn't make you dizzy, since the Burj was built we've had islands in the shape of a palm or a map of the world, even loftier Tallest Building contenders and a financial crisis highlighting the billions borrowed to build such flights of fancy. Nevertheless the Burj Al Arab stands tall as one of the definitive hotel building of the 21st century - long may she reign.

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The Rolls-Royce chauffer shopping experience and the Majles Al Bahar private beach, exclusively for Burj Al Arab guests.
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Burj Al Arab, Dubai, UAE
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