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Anti-Valentine's Day .
Yes, that's right these aren't Valentine's escapes for you and you partner, they are top ten perfect ways to escape Valentine's Day for those not currently in a relationship ,or simple not into couples cuddles dictated by card companies. Are we anti-love? Absolutely not, we love all these great destinations. Anti-passion? No, have you seen our Top Ten Sexiest Hotels? We're just aware that the world isn't always two by two.
Here's ten of our favourite Top Ten's to inspire you - that's 100 ways to be happy solo. Go for it.
All by myself and loving it...
1.     Want to be left alone when all the couples are getting loved up on Feb 14th? Pick a Private Villa where no one can bother you. Pick the heart-shaped Makepeace Island and you can at least have this heart all to yourself but there are plenty of other private villa choices... Read More

2.       Escaping from a REALLY bad date? Hit the open road and never look back. We have ten great road trips to experience. Just you, a convertible and the open road ... but do it in style
3.     Runaway to sea. But pamper yourself while you do it. We've picked ten of the best spas at sea to ensure you do.  Read More
4.     Curl up with a Valentine's Day rom-com where the guy always gets the girl. Just remember to do it in your own hotel screening room. Now who do you think should win that Oscar? Read More
5.     Who needs jewellery for Valentine's day? These luxury hotels are offering much more exciting options in glittering gold just for you; walk on it, bathe in it, pamper yourself with it. Here are ten places that truely have the Midas touch... Read More
6.     Make your own fairytale ending. With these luxury Chateuxs who need Prince Charming or Rapunzel to let down her blonde tresses. You can climb the tower yourself - to your luxury suite at the top. Read More
7.     Forget a tacky box of chocolates in a red velvet box when these luxury hotels have the food of love - chocolate - always on the menu. Read More
Chocolate Hotels
8.     Be healthy and happy solo - here's to ten health retreats give you that rush of endorphins... Read More
9.     She might be the Queen of Wedding Dresses, but her Hotel Suite style is much more interesting. Read More
Vera Wang
10.   Who needs a partner when you have a pet. Take Rex for a weekend away. Read More

Lisa Edwards Updated 8/2/18

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