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10.Swatch Art Peace Hotel
When we visited the newly opened Swatch Art  Peace Hotel there was a very chic  party taking place on the roof terrace, with much quaffing of Armand de Brignac champagne so we nominate this as the most happening  roof bar on the bund (and there are plenty). This was once the 1906 Palace Hotel owned by The Hong Kong and Shanghai Hotels Ltd,  then became an annex of the Peace Hotel and has now been reborn in its own right as the very stylish Swatch. The original dark wood panelled walls and  heavy staircase mix with a very  Swatch-like bright colour scheme. There is of course a watch gallery on the ground floor and the very groovy Shook restaurant at the top but what we like best is the idea that artists from around the world are  invited to spend a period of time in the hotel, to work in open studios here (where guests can watch) and then to exhibit  their work inside the building. The Swatch Art Peace Hotel Residence has 7 guest suites designed by Jouin Manku.

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10.Swatch Art Peace Hotel
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