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1. The Puli Hotel and Spa
The Puli Hotel and Spa is an oasis of calm in a city where the energy crackles like electricity. It is the first hotel of its kind in Shanghai, an urban resort in the very heart of the city. The hotel is part of the Leading hotels of the World portfolio and LHW CEO Ted Teng who was born just around the corner from the hotel (He left Shanghai when he was three) says the hotel design encourages relaxation - and it does.  A series of archways pull you into a serene space where glass windows look onto misty gardens and a secluded outdoor terrace. Here is all the time in the world for tea served with ceremony in the long lobby lounge or a soak in the impressive spa. No rush, nothing to worry about  - million dollar deal to close? It can wait. 

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Since guest sit down to check in the level of the floor on the staff side of the desk is lower so they can look you in the eye.
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1. The Puli Hotel and Spa
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