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Westfriedhof Station, Munich

These vibrant 3.8m wide pendent lights at Munich's Westfriedhof station are larger than life! Quite the feeling when you realise how big they truly are in person. Westfriedhof is an U-Bahn station in Munich on the U1 line of the Munich U-Bahn system; it opened on 24 May 1998. 11 large lamps enclosures the station in blue, red and yellow light.  Georg-Brauchle-Ring, Candidplatz and Garching station is a follow up for Westfriedhof station. Subway designed by Peter Lanz, Jurgen Rauch and Westfriedhof. Also Ingo Mauer’s unusual lines are seen on the design lamps.

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Westfriedhof Station, Munich
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