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Stockholm Subway

Caption: Solna Centrum station by Chris M. Forsyth.

You could visit Stockholm and spend the entire time underground and not be disappointed. Over 150 artists have contributed work to the city’s subway system, which has been called "the world’s longest art exhibit."and  was opened in 24 November 1957ndMore than 90 of the city’s 100 subway stations incorporate artwork, which includes sculptures, paintings, mosaics, engravings, reliefs, and large-scale installations. Among the most striking are the red cavernous ceilings of Solna Centrum station, and the rainbow archway of Stadion station, ee also love We love  ‘Per- Olof Ultvedt’s 1975 made flower designed walls in blue station.

Luxury Lovesthe fabulous scale and colour of the idea

Stockholm Subway
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