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Marilyn Bungalow, The Charlie Hotel, Los Angeles
Built on the site of Charlie Chaplin's house, hence the name, this discreet complex of 14 luxury bungalow is the new favourite with Young Hollywood (could this take over from Chateau Marmont as the celeb spot?). Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart of Twilight and New Moon fame reportedly hooked up here. The Bungalows however commemorate Old Hollywood with names like Marilyn (Monroe), Clark (Gable), Charlie (Chaplin), Gloria (Swanson), Marlene (Dietrich) and Gregory (Peck). This could be as near as you'll get to being on a first name basis with stars of the silver screen, so enjoy it.

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The seclusion in a crazy city.
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Marilyn Bungalow, The Charlie Hotel, Los Angeles
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