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El Questro Homestead, WA, Australia

Outback Australia is another one of those places where a helicopter is more of a necessity than a luxury. Drop in by chopper to visit the luxury El Questro Homestead perched on the edge of a gorge in WA. The Luxury Travel Bible recommends the Chamberlain Suite in the homestead for true lovers of luxury. El Questro has had a chequered history, owned first by Royal Doulton and Penguin Books heir Will Burrell; it was then bought by Voyages Resorts and has recently been sold to Delaware North. Nevertheless it has become a favourite with the super-rich seeking the kind of isolation only Australia can offer. The view of 23000 hectares of El Questro Wilderness Park's vastness from a chopper is truly breathtaking. A helicopter tour will have you looking down on freshwater swimming holes and vast tracks of WA dust. Spend an afternoon visiting the Miri Miri falls, a short helicopter flight from the homestead, where you can bathe in pools connected by waterfalls or sit on the warm rocks with a gourmet picnic and a bottle of wine.

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El Questro Homestead, WA, Australia
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