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LUXURY CRUISE: Celebrity edge

CELEBRITY CRUISES  have revealed details of their incredible new ship, Celebrity Edge. The transformational ship features a stunning design, with dramatically expanded staterooms and suites as well as a ground-breaking ship climbing Magic Carpet platform on the outside of the ship. magine a mini-deck—it’s the length of a tennis court—that hovers off the edge of the ship, moving up and down along a vertical track almost like an elevator. That’s the Magic Carpet,.

TLTB particularly likes the spectacular Edge Villas, the first two-story suites in the Celebrity fleet, with soaring views, flowing indoor/outdoor spaces, private terraces and plunge pools. With a push of a button, the floor-to-ceiling windows of Celebrity Edge-class staterooms retract like a super-sleek garage door, leaving nothing but a simple glass railing between your living room furniture and the crystal-blue sea.


On the Edge ships, you’ll be able to do everything on your phone, from checking in to unlocking your stateroom door or controlling your room’s temperature and lighting. It all happens via a proprietary Celebrity app, which also puts the concierge, ship map, and daily event schedule in each guest’s pocket.


Luxury Link: www.celebritycruises.co.uk 

Posted 1/4/17

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