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NEW LUXURY TRAVEL: Stay like a Royal in Canada

As the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge touched down in Victoria, for the start of their one-week tour of Canada. We can show you how to holiday like a Royal  Continue

NEW LUXURY TRAVEL: September Spotlight

There plenty of exciting happenings in the world of Luxe this month. The spotlight’s beam turns in the direction of Sydney this September with the annual Luxperience travel show providing the inspiration.  Continue

LUXURY TRAVEL: The Great Migration

THE Great Migration is undoubtedly one of Nature’s most unforgettable spectacles: 1.5 million wildebeest accompanied by 200,000 or so zebras are engaged in a never-ending journey.  Continue

LUXURY TRAVEL: Sidecar Shanghai

He roars up to the courtyard of The Puli Hotel in Jing’an; a guy with hipster beard and jeans astride a shiny black vintage motorbike with sidecar. His bike has been part of Chinese history for a lot longer than the glossy limos it parks alongside.  Continue

LUXURY TRAVEL: Valapariso, Chile

In the madcap, hyper-coloured lanes that swoop up and down the steep little hills above this libertarian port, you're seldom out of earshot of a strumming guitar, or more than a couple of doorways from an "artist" with a gallery in their front room.  Continue

LUXURY TRAVEL: Atacama Desert, Chile

Turn off the filter on your camera phone. Do not boost the colour on your pictures: the sky of the Atacama desert is already this intense blue. The rocky canyon is that red. Continue

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