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NEW LUXURY TRAVEL: Adventure Africa

What is Africa about if not adventure? Three offerings stood out when the team visited ILTM Africa last month and we just had to share it with you.  Continue

NEW LUXURY TRAVEL: James Street, Brisbane, Australia

It's not unusual for locals to start the day here with a super food smoothie or single origin brew, and finish it with stronger nightcap or two in the evening - then do it all again the next day.  Continue

LUXURY TRAVEL: Franz Josef Glacier, New Zealand 

Scenically, New Zealand holds many world records. We recently explored one of them ... inside out. The Franz Josef Glacier on the South Island’s West Coast is the world’s steepest and fastest-flowing   Continue

LUXURY TRAVEL: The Future of Luxury

The future of luxury travel is all about you. You, you, you.  Luxury travellers are in for an unprecedented amount of very personalised pampering as brands try and get to know you as an individual better than you know yourself.  Continue

LUXURY TRAVEL: Ama Divers, Japan

The lady looks up and smiles. The lines around her eyes crinkle like an oyster shell but there is an energy about the way she moves and the rest of her face is remarkable unlined. At 70 years old she is the picture of health. Continue

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