Luxury hotels on Location

 NEW War and Peace
The BBC’s adaptation of Tolstoy’s ‘War and Peace’  is taking the world by (snow) storm and is being show almost simultaneously across the world.
  Mad Max 4
Our correspondent Douglas (Rocky) McDonald worked as a stunt driver on the new Mad Max 4:Fury Road . Here are his despatches while on location back in 2012 (Yes, it takes that long for a movie to reach the screen)

Game of Thrones filming locations

We wouldn't want to visit Westeros and Essos, the fictional continents in Game of Thrones, even if we could (even weddings aren't off limits for bloodshed). But for fans of the TV show, its exotic setting can leap off the screen when you whisk off to these castle-themed hotels in the fantasy series' filming locations.

Tomb Raider

Are you a set-jetter, one of a multiplying breed of tourists that base their travel plans on film locations. From Bridget Jones' Diary to Lord of the Rings to Eat Pray Love to The Beach TLTB's takes a look at the places to go to recreate your favourite films.
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