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Remember the excitement of Concorde?   Flying from London to New York in no time, breaking the sound barrier - oh the glamour, the excitement. Well one engineering firm may be bring sexy supersonic back.

Laucala , the private Fijian island owned by Red Bull billionaire Dietrich Mateschitz, has debuted the world's first resort-based DeepFlight Super Falcon submersible.

What is the prettiest idea we've heard of for a hotel lately? Norway's floating snowflake. Available all year around, not just in winter, this hotel is cool in more ways than one.


SUBWING is the newest watersport for those wanting to explore under the sea while enjoying an exciting underwater ride.  

Space Hotel

Orbital Technologies' Space Hotel
After a while one can become a bit blasé about garden views and sea views, so a view of entire planet from your hotel room is something to get excited about.

Martin Jetpacks
Forget plane travel, we've just seen the future. If you thought flying to work in a private jet was the domain of multi-millionaires, think again. You may soon be able to arrive at work James Bond -style using your own private jetpack.
US-based Schopfer Yachts is barely two years old, yet it is has already cruised into the limelight with its uber-cool concept designs. The Luxury Travel Bible is hopelessly goo-ey eyed over the second design up Schopfer's sleeve - 'Infinitas'.

Virgin Galactic Future Luxe
Here at The Luxury Travel Biblewe're fond of Sir Richard Branson's inventive forays into ever more extravagant ways to have us travelling in style, whether it is under the sea or up to the stars.
Strand Craft
The creators of the latest concept superyacht to come off the drawing board say they are giving away a supercar with ever yacht they sell. This has to be the most spectacular "buy one get one free offer" ever.
Anyone who grew up on a diet of Jetsons-style fantasies Aircruise will be your dream. Designed like a vertical blimp, Aircruise is a hotel in the sky with apartments, a penthouse apartment, bar, lounge and communal zones.
It may not be the sleekest airship on the drawing block, but it is one of the first in a new breed of luxe air cruising that will get off the ground. Aeroscraft adds a whole new dimension to private (and commercial) planes.

The Streets of Monaco

The Streets of Monaco
If you have $1.1 billion ( £700 million pounds) to spare and love the glamour of Monaco but hate the crowds we have the superyacht for you... Continue
Sometimes we wake up and find that the future is already here. The Sands SkyPark, now open in Singapore, is one such example. This awe-inspiring space floats on top of the three soaring towers of the new Marina Bay Sands hotel, a staggering 656 feet (200 metres) up in the sky.
Taking its shape from the stingray, the Jules Verne-inspired fantasies of Hermes together with the skills of Monaco-based yacht maker Wally have melded together to produce a private, and distinctly stylish, floating island.

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