FUTURE LUXE: Undersea Sleeps
We're not exactly holding our breath over all the hype that's been bubbling up on undersea resorts. Turkey has been the latest to be talking under water stays with a planned seven storey, seven star monopoly due to be opened at the end of 2010. As we said, don't hold your breath, even if you do have an oxygen tank. The futuristic concept of Hydropolis in Dubai was first launched back in 2003 and we're still waiting.
Reportedly the hotel resort will be the size of Hyde Park in London and have 220 suites, and it has already given itself a 10 star rating. The more modest Poseidon Resort in Fiji, claiming five star status, looks like it will pip them all at the post in a world first. With a website that's geared for taking reservations, it is claiming to offer 24 pod-like underwater suites (550 square feet/51 square metres) and a Jules Verne-inspired Nautilus Suite (1,000 square feet/93 square metres). The Poseidon experience will include diving onboard a luxury expedition submarine as well as an introduction to piloting a sub, plus a walk on the lagoon floor with a 'Sea Trek' system. Current rates are stating US$15,000 per week per shared room or US$30,000 per couple, however this only includes two nights undersea with other nights spent in above ground island villas.


Luxury Links: http://www.poseidonresorts.com, http://www.hydropolis.com

Prue Rushton, 19/4/10

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