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The Group: Located in fashionable areas of  London and Brighton in England, myhotels' award-winning design and services capture the spirit of their local settings and the distinctive style that has led it to become known as the 'feng shui' hotel group.
The group opened its first hotel in 1999 with the Conran & Partners-designed myhotel Bloomsbury. This was followed by the 'bohemian chic' of myhotel Chelsea in 2002 and the curvy, bright-coloured cool of myhotel Brighton in 2008.

Focusing on personalised services, the group offers a 'mypreferences' feature. At time of reservation guests are invited to list preferences from type of pillow to in-room music to create an atmosphere that is as familiar as it is welcoming. 

Andy Thrasyvoulou
Andy Thrasyvoulou
The List: myhotel Bloomsbury, myhotel Chelsea, myhotel Brighton


The Creator: Andy Thrasyvoulou has been in the hotel industry for over twenty years. He began developing his brand in the 1990's and this manifested itself in the form of his first hotel - myhotel Bloomsbury - in March 1999. Prior to developing myhotels Andy trained in architecture and has a hands-on involvement with the design and details of his hotels.
New Luxury Hotels: There are no current new myhotels planned but the group are "continuously looking for new and exciting opportunities to grow the brand".
Luxury links: www.myhotels.com

myhotel brighton carousel room
myhotel brighton carousel room
myhotel chelsea mybar
myhotel chelsea conservatory
myhotel bloomsbury studio king
myhotel brighton bar

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