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The Chic Tourism Collection Presents...
                     An Amazing Anthology of Travel Experiences
It is all very well for fabled fashion icon Diana Vreeland to have said 'The only real elegance is in the mind; If you've got that, the rest really comes from it.' What about those who don't have it in their mind, but aspire to it just the same?
Help is at hand. The Chic Tourism Collection is the creation of two enterprising women, Jennifer Campbell-Berry and Elizabeth Lawson, who know how to package chic effortlessly.
These women know What Women Want and their programs are unashamedly bias-cut and draped for women. They even suggest things you didn't know you wanted to do - until The Chic Collection gave them their imprimatur. They de-fuse the angst of trying to organise your own experiences that have topped your bucket list for eons, but somehow fell into the too hard basket. These women have ways of making things happen. And you don't have to lift a finger - unless it is to try on some gem winking at you from the vitrines on the Via Condotti, the Place Vendome, Beverly Hills or Bond Street.

The Chic Collection is a boutique special-interest operator who specialise in unique cultural experiences that encompass the arts, fashion, film, literature and cultural events and even wildlife conservation. They have masterminded a bespoke collection of chic escapes which change seasonally. And yes, there are plenty of options that equally appeal to men. How about a spot of fly-fishing, or falconry in the Scottish Highlands or the adrenalin-rush of looking for leopard at Londolozi perhaps?

I had a sweet sampler of their Chic Escapes - London program in September, with a visit to the Diamond Jubilee collection at Buckingham Palace where you could ogle the royal gems - and yes, buy copies from the Palace Shop after you had perused the originals. Next: off to see Ballgowns - British Glamour Since 1950,  then it was time for tea at The English Tea Room at Brown's hotel.
The tea room prompted Winston Churchill to say 'My tastes are simple: I am easily satisfied with the best'; which sums up the experiences on offer.
For further information on a range of tantalising travel experiences: www.thechictourismcollection.com/ or Telephone: +61 2 9144 6015
The English Tea Room
Maggy Oehlbeck, 1/3/13
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