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Q&A Jeremy Goring, Chief Executive,
The Goring,  London

The Goring Hotel in London's swanky SWI postal code has been in the family for four generations since the great O.R Goring (Otto Richard - silhouetted on the hotel's logo) opened it in 1910 in the last days of Edward VII's reign. We sense some centenary celebrations approaching. The hotel has long had aristocratic connections: Lady Randolph Churchill (Winston's mater) lived here; Queen Mary often came to tea; The Queen Mother came for cocktails. The hotel chefs even made Prince Charles' christening cake. Kate Middleton and her family stayed at The Goring hotel the night before her wedding. These days the hotel is an eclectic mix of the best of British design, from the likes of Viscount Linley, and touches of quirky. Take for example the sheep motif in the rooms; ewe footstools, fluffy lambs on the pillow (are we counting sheep yet?) ...you get the picture. In an age of cookie-cutter 'design' hotels The Goring stands several storeys above the rest. If you want a taste of what the English are like at their best (a mix of style and eccentricity) stay here... or you could just interview Jeremy.

What is the single best/defining thing about The Goring?
It's privately owned. Therefore we can put pictures of naked people in the loos.
You are the 4th generation Goring to run the hotel. How do you keep re-inventing the hotel in the face of ever more 'boutique' competition?
A boutique is a place where my mum buys dresses. Luckily the competition doesn't have our secret weapon - staff who are human beings. But we have also re-furbished every square inch of this hotel using iconic British designers (Linley, Nina Campbell, and Gainsborough Silks). This has given our waiters, maids and receptionists an eye-catching stage to perform from.
What is the next big luxury travel trend?
A backlash against garish technology.
What is your own personal litmus test for whether a hotel is worthy of the 'luxury' tag?
Being made to feel like a long, lost friend when I arrive, even if I know I'm not really significant.


Jeremy Goring
                  Jeremy Goring                       
Apart from your own, what are your favourite hotels/resorts (and why)?
Four Seasons Jimbaran Bay because of the Balinese people. And The Coral Reef Club Barbados for its anachronistic Charm.
What is your favourite city to visit?
Sydney. Hate the weather but love the pubs.
What is your best overseas restaurant experience?
Pagi Soré, Padang, Sumatra. The fish-head curry is hard core. I didnt realize fish eyes had bones in them.
What is your favourite airline for business or first class? Why?
I have a bit of a phobia problem with flying - so the pills make it hard for me to tell what's going on!
Goring Terrace
Goring Bedroom

Goring Hotel Terrace

Goring Hotel Bedroom

What three things do you never travel without?
Sleep pills. Music. Toothbrush.
What is the one luxury travel experience you will never forget?
The Swill Stop, Puerto Escondido, Mexico. 50 cents a beer and the best sunset ever. Does this count?
What is the most important thing (travel wise) that money CAN buy?
A stay in a luxurious hotel - It's worth it. If you spend all your money on the airline seat you are missing a trick. But I would say that.
What is the most important thing it can't?
Good company!
Tell us about the sheep!
I've never tampered with one, but I know a man who did. He's an Australian actor.

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