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An Interview with Luxperience Co-Founder and CEO,

Rosemarie Sama

Tell us what Luxperience is all about?
Luxperience is an exclusive high end experiential travel trade event in the Australasia and Pacific region that connects the world's most exclusive travel providers. The three day business exchange takes place from 10 - 12 September, 2012 in Sydney, Australia.

Luxperience is essentially a community for high end experience providers, a place where ideas can come to fruition and grow through collaboration. We are dedicated to matching high end suppliers with appropriate buyers so the world of the high end experiential travel market can prosper.

We are committed to meeting supplier and buyer business goals and providing a platform to network, be educated and do business in an intimate environment.

So think of Luxperience as one communal table where connecting is paramount, business is done and lifelong meaningful relationships are guaranteed.

rosemarie sama

What inspired you to create Luxperience?
The definition of luxury varies from person to person but it is among the uber wealthy that the definition of luxury has evolved most over recent years - especially in Asia where a high proportion of the world's wealth resides.

To those reasonably affluent but without wads of cash, traditional luxuries such as designer clothes, fine dining and the latest gadgets are still what indulgence is all about. However, because the world's richest are today able to afford most things material, their focus has moved towards using their money to discover otherwise unobtainable experiences and adventures.

'Experiential' has become the new buzzword, with objects of desire available to anyone who decides to splash out, people are looking for something more. A desire to be entertained and stimulated rather than just pampered.  Perhaps influenced by the fact that luxury travellers are getting younger...

As a result, experiences are the new status symbol.

My vision for Luxperience has been built upon this trend, the evolution of luxury being more than a physical object, where 300 thread count cottons and personalized customer service still play an important role, but where an experience and the opportunity to do out of the ordinary things takes centre stage. 

Tell us some details about the event?
The event operates on an invitation-only appointment based system, with the world's top travel designers for high net worth individuals being fully hosted at the event.

In addition to the 3-day event itself, Luxperience operates as a unique 365 days a year community of likeminded luxury travel planners and suppliers, offering them a platform to network and connect with each other throughout the year as well as at the show.

A Luxperience Education and Business Development Program offers a series of lessons designed to help suppliers prepare for both the virtual and face to face connections they will make through Luxperience and help them with their overall business and personal goals.  

LuxConnect facilitates engagement and conversation for suppliers, buyers and media year-round with monthly web seminars and continual interaction with participants. 

Some of the key features of Luxperience include:
Global VIP Hosted Program
150 of the world's most exclusive travel providers will attend Luxperience.
Our strict qualification process ensures that only the most experienced achievers, those who have a proven track record of creating bespoke itineraries that include unique, authentic, unusual and out of the box travel experiences attend.
VIP buyers have extensive experience in this niche travel sector and are looking for more authentic, life enriching travel products that will really 'wow' their clients.
The VIP buyers will represent the leading travel markets of Australia, New Zealand and Pacific, Asia, USA, Europe, Middle East and South America.
National Inspire Buyer Program

Due to significant interest from Australian retail travel professionals, Luxperience will operate this national program to include even more high end travel experts. We have invited selected agents across Australia who have been identified as luxury specialists. As a gated community of high end travel specialists our strict qualification process ensures that only the most experienced achievers, those who have a proven track record of bespoke itineraries that include unique, authentic, unusual and out of the box travel experiences will be in attendance.

Over 60 national agents will participate in this program to be held on Monday 10 September, 2012.  These agents will participate in the Appointment Matching System.

Corporate Connection Program

The Corporate Connection Program connects suppliers with the Australian corporate market. Over 150 buyers from around Australia will participate in this special one day program. 

Suppliers will have the opportunity to make appointments with these buyers via our online diary system.

The attendees will include Performance Managers, Reward & Recognition Program Managers, Incentive Managers and those responsible for booking high end travel for individuals and groups.

Thought Leaders Program
The Luxperience Thought Leaders Program is an impressive line-up of short, sharp TED-style presentations. The speakers specialise in the areas of leadership, customer service, company change, personal, professional, and spiritual development and charitable works.

The speaker line-up includes Rowdy McLean of Creating Synergy who has dedicated his life to creating excellence in business, service and people. Also, Peter Baines will share the experience from working in disaster areas and helping re-build communities across the globe.

Additional speakers include Michael Henderson, a corporate anthropologist, who will share his experiences of transforming corporate cultures.  Ronnie Khan, founder of OzHarvest, will share her experience of starting a charity and experiencing the impact one person can have on so many and finally Pip McKay will focus on accelerating personal growth.
Welcome Reception
As part of the pre-event program on Sunday 9th September, Luxperience will host a Welcome Reception that will connect fellow travelista's.  At the reception, which represents the crème de la crème of the high-end luxury and experiential travel industry, tastebuds will be tantalised by delicious treats from Italy, India, the Mediterranean and Spain all provided by the Dockside Group, a Luxperience Partner, who are the official hosts for the evening.

On the second day, the culinary journey continues for Luxperience attendees at the multi award-winning BLUE Sydney at the historic Finger Wharf Woolloomooloo.

Part of the legendary Taj Hotels Resorts and Palaces, BLUE Sydney's WaterBar will host sumptuous canapés and beverages.

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