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Joie de Vivre

The Group: Joie de Vivre is California's largest boutique hotel company and has built a reputationon its unique collection of lifestyle businesses. With over 35 luxury hotels throughout California the group is recognized for creating innovative services and one-of-a-kind properties.

Joie de Vivre was praised for breaking the traditional concept of hotels and for focusing on a specific niche market: rock 'n' roll. Over twenty years later Joie de Vivre now manage a broad mix of hotels from the luxurious Ventana Inn and Spa on the Big Sur coast to the politically themed Citizen Hotel in Sacramento.
The List: Joie de Vivre operate a collection of boutique hotels, with a combined 4,500 guestrooms located in San Francisco, San Francisco East Bay, Marin County, Sonoma, Silicon Valley, Sacramento, Central Coast, Los Angeles and Orange County.
Chip Conley
Chip Conley


The Creator: In 1987, at the age of 26, founder Chip Conley opened the Phoenix Hotel in San Francisco. With no industry experience Chip took over a 1950's seedy motel and turned it into a world-renowned 'rock 'n' roll hotel' that catered to music celebrities from David Bowie to Linda Ronstadt.
Conley remains committed to giving back to the community and he founded San Francisco's Annual Celebrity Pool Toss which has raised over US$3 million for inner city youth projects in troubled neighbourhoods.
In September 2010 Gary M. Beasley was appointed as chief executive officer of Joie de Vivre. Beasley, a partner at Geolo Capital had been working alongside senior executives since Geolo acquired a controlling interest in the company in June 2010. Chip Conley, who has previously held the CEO title, was named as executive chairman and chief creative officer. He continues to be actively involved in the company.
New Luxury Hotels: In 2009, Joie de Vivre opened the Shorebreak Hotel in Huntington Beach, Hotel Maya in Long Beach, Hotel Erwin in Venice, Dream Inn in Santa Cruz, Avatar Hotel in Silicon Valley and completed the over $20 million renovation of Ventana Inn & Spa in Big Sur. Joie de Vivre also took over management of the Gaige House in Glenn Ellen in Sonoma and Carmel Valley Ranch.


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