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CGH Earth
The Group: CGH Earth is a family-led group that has been providing authentic experiences of India for five decades. Committed to preserving and celebrating the cultural heritage and natural environment of every destination it enters, it immerses guests in the richness of each region. Many of the staff are locals who have grown up within a hotel's surrounding area making staff both highly knowledgeable and caring about their community. All of the hotels are eco-focused, chemical-free zones and have, over the years, perfected the use of local and tribal wisdom in matters such as gardening for  organic produce and pest control.
Boutique Hotel Group - CGH Earth
The List: Bangaram Island , Brunton Boatyard , Casino Hotel, Coconut Lagoon, Kalari Kovilakom, Marari Beach Resort, Spice Coast Cruises, Spice Village, SwaSwara and Visalam .


The Creator: CGH Earth was founded by Dominic Joseph Kuruvinakunnel in 1957. What started as the Casino Restaurant on the harbour island of Willingdon, in Cochin, Kerala, developed into the Casino Hotel, then The Casino Group and then CGH Earth. The family still run the hotel group, with his eldest son, Jose Dominic serving as CEO. The family believe that "By keeping things in the family, we can also keep them family-like. And by staying small, we can get to know you better".
New Hotels: There are plans for more in the future but befitting the philosophy behind the hotels the owners believe that resorts must be developed over time. Watch this space.
Luxury links: www.cghearth.com

bangaram island
bangaram island
coconut lagoon
marari beach

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