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Located in Oman, The Al Nahda Hotel and Resorts Group is a collection of luxury resorts with a vision; ‘to position Al Nahda Hotels & Resorts as the leading hospitality services company in the Khaleej, by delivering a refreshing service & luxury experience for its guests".

The group opened its first resort, Al Nahda Resort and Spa in 2006, followed by Dunes by Al Nahda in 2015 and Sahab Resort and Spa in 2019. 

Having spent time at the resorts, The Luxury Travel Bible can see that the group is achieving its vision and that each of these resorts are as diverse and individual as they are luxurious. 

Each resort in the group has its own character, style, location and defining characteristics and each showcases a different aspect of Oman scenery and culture. 

The tranquil Al Nahda Resort and Spa is located within 30 acres of beautiful gardens. The resort’s suites are amongst some of the largest rooms in Oman and are designed in apartment, free-standing villas and bungalow styles. 
With its large and extensive spa menu and activities such as yoga and tennis are available to guests, the resort has a real focus on well-being.  
Getting ‘back to nature’ may sound cliché but it is true of Al Nahda Resort and Spa. One of the most memorable parts of The Luxury Travel Bible’s stay at Al Nahda was wandering around the lush gardens and marvelling at the beautiful flora and citrus, mango and date trees. The powerful birdsong at dusk and watch the skies come alive with dancing birds was pretty magical too. 


 Dunes By Al Nahda 

Sand Dunes 

The majestic Sand Dunes surround the luxurious Dunes By Al Nahda and staying at the resort really does feel like you have entered a cocoon from the outside world. 

The resort, comprising of thirty luxury walled tents (all with stunning views of the dunes), has been designed to compliment its location and features design and materials that reflect the nature beauty of the sand dunes. 
While the tents give the impression of ‘camping in the desert’, thankfully for the TLTB they have the luxury and amenities we would expect such a luxury bedding (the resort has one of the most comfortable beds I’ve slept in for a while), wi-fi  and satellite TV.
Activities available at the resort include dune bashing, quad biking and dune surfing… for those feeling less adventurous the pool and spa are first class.


 Sahab Resort and Spa

Sahab Resort and Spa
is the latest resort in the group having only opened this year. Located in the Mountains the resort showcases a completely different side of Oman compared to its sister resorts. With its cooler temperatures, the resort is ideal for those looking for some adventure. 

Guests of the resort will be able to explore the local area with activities such as biking through the mountain terrain, hiking, exploring the local waterfalls, tours of the local villages, and picnics and campfires in the canyons.
The views from the resort over the stunning mountain range are spectacular and the resort has been designed using natural materials to reflect its location.

While each of the group’s luxury resorts is as different as the next, they all share many similar characteristics.

Omani style and traditional hospitality runs through each of the resorts and feature teams of staff with a real passion for creating memories in beautiful Oman.

The Luxury Travel Bible can say with certainty that time spent at these resorts guarantees that not only will guests leave relaxed, refreshed and well-fed but they will also have fallen in love with the country of Oman and all that it has to offer luxury travellers.

Sarah Bryans 12/10/19

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