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FUTURE LUXE: Why - Why Not?

Taking its shape from the stingray, the Jules Verne-inspired fantasies of Hermes and Monaco-based yacht maker Wally have melded together to produce a private floating island. The new WHY yacht has an almost triangular shaped hull that measures an enormous 190 feet (58 metres) by 125 feet (38 metres). A 25 metres pool curls around its bow while its stern creates the effect of a 98 feet (30 metres) wide beach. Opening out in between are three levels of designer living. The owner's suite on the top level is a massive 2153 square feet (200 metres square) with a private terrace. Five suites accommodate guests - each with a view - while a lounge area in the middle offers a meeting point. From here an enclosed ramp curves gracefully down to the living space which includes a lounge room, music room, screening room and dining room and even a spa. While much of the design effort has gone into making it superbly sleek, much has also gone into making it as environmentally respectful of the sea it floats on; powered by a diesel-electric motor and with much of the surface covered in photovoltaic panels. It may not be Thoreau but it does show that living luxuriously can go someway towards green.

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Prue Rushton, 20/4/10


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