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Venus de Milo, Paris, France

The tip of her nose has gone missing, so has her bun at the back, and don't mention her arms. Nip and Tuck aside, all six feet six inches (202 centimetres) of this Venus has been considered gasp-making for centuries; her barely there drapery first enthralling King Louis XVIII of France where it is now housed in The Louvre. Nobody exactly knows her origins, but there's delicious high drama: her arms being cut off in a stoush between the French and the Turks; the Greek peasant from Melos who found her in pieces around 1820 and kept her stashed in his barn. Originally entitled Aphrodite de Melos, it got nattily switched to the Roman Venus de Milo.

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Hotel Lumen for its shiny pearlised glamour and location. Stay in the Louvre Suite with top floor views over Rue des Pyramides and the Saint Roch church and make the short skip to The Louvre to see Venus.
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Venus de Milo, Paris, France
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