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The Plaza, New York, USA
Given that the white-grey Gothic façade faces off across the breadth of busy Fifth Avenue with the glass-clad exterior of one of Apple's flagship New York stores, it is no surprise that the hotel is one of iPads early adopters. Lined-up in the Palm Court restaurant alongside the morning newspapers, you can select an iPad to catch up on the latest over breakfast. The Luxury Travel Bible has never quite managed to juggle a broadsheet while eating an omelette, so we remain open to iPad use. Nevertheless it does flag a new question: what will be the etiquette for iPad use at the dining table? Our own view is the same for reading newspapers, it's fine when you're flying solo, but when you're in company put them aside and engage in conversation. If you're in a setting such as The Palm Court, don't forget to take in your surrounds. Opening in 1907, it has set the scenes inside the pages of many a novel as well as films such as 'The Great Gatsby'. Its incredible 1,800 square foot (167 square metres) stained-glass dome was recently renovated for a whopping $6.5 million. So, really, do remember to look up and around from your iPad; what you'll see is unforgettableĀ….unlike the news.
UPDATE: the hotel now has an iPad in every room, a bespoke concierge application and  the ability to control all aspects of your stay through the central device; from ordering  room service, and  requesting  wake-up calls to adjusting lighting and temperature  in your room - as well as providing all necessary hotel information and city guides.

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The Plaza, New York, USA
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