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The Kiss, Paris, France

Originally, it was sculpted in bronze as part of 'The Gates of Hell' portal (that also spawned 'The Thinker') commissioned by the planned Museum of Decorative Arts in Paris. Later, Rodin removed it and remodelled it in marble calling it 'Francesca da Rimini' after the 18th century noblewoman in Dante's Inferno who fell in love with her husband's younger brother. The Kiss, which is now housed in The Rodin Museum, was a far less inflammatory name later assigned, but it did nothing to mask the nakedness, nor torrid embrace. Rodin wasn't interested in portraying a woman in quiet submission. Instead, he dared to make her a full partner. It was all a bit much for the Americans, who commissioned a 29 inches (74 centimetres) bronze version for display at the 1893 world expo in Chicago then relegated it to a room where it could only be viewed by application. And yet, the sculpture was not salacious enough for an American expat living in England who commissioned another copy in 1900, insisting that the man's genitals be zoomed up. All of which can now be viewed by visitors to the Tate Modern in London where this particular version resides.

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Hotel des Academies et des Arts. Stay in rooms designed by some of the art worldÂ’s most recent upstarts and walk to the Rodin Museum where you can kiss a fond hello to one of the greats from the past.
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The Kiss, Paris, France
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