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The Iron Horse Hotel, Milwaukee, USA

One of our favourite things about this unexpectedly chic concept hotel is the 'Your Desires' program that allows you to personalise your preferences with the concierge. Now, a bundling up with iPad has made it even more special. Lie back and think of all the little (or big) things that are going to make your hotel stay heaven, then update the list of what you first gave the concierge on your iPad menu. In fact, this really is just one of our favourite things. The Luxury Travel Bible has to blink hard every time it even thinks about this hotel. Who would have thought someone could meld the desires of business and motorbike types with such effortless glamour? And smack in the hometown of Harley Davidson. Yes, the glamour here edges towards industrial, but a slinky satin halter-neck and heels would not feel out of place here amongst the biker helmets. And there's also a spa complete with 'Biker's Delight Rejuvenation Massage'. Need we want more.

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On-site motorcycle rental. First, we've just got to learn how to ride.
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The Iron Horse Hotel, Milwaukee, USA
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