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Sextantio le Grotte della Civita

When Daniele Kihlgren opened the masterfully crafted stone doors to Sextantio Albergo Diffuso in 2005, he became known as the man-turned-magician who could restore life to a decaying village. Soon after, a call came from the Basilicata village of Matera in Southern Italy, known for its incredible caves, for  another resuscitation. Restored from the abandoned and decaying ancient caves in the Basilicata village of Matera in Southern Italy, Sextantio The Civita Caves offers guests the opportunity to re-evaluate their interpretation of authenticity. The owner Kihlgren has created 18 impeccable rooms in La Civita, the oldest part of the sassi, composing a concoction of integrated traditional design made from local materials with minimalist contemporary amenities where necessary. In order to provide its guests with proper standards of luxury, the site was meticulously taken apart, entirely wired and piped and finally reassembled with each stone replaced in its original location.

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Sextantio le Grotte della Civita
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